Curriculum Approach

A curriculum designed for achievement

Our curriculum is designed to take students from the secure close-knit feel of good primary schooling to high levels of independent learning. We always have high aspirations for all our students, supporting them to progress during their time at Furness Academy and encourage them to reach their personal best. Our staff are highly skilled and enthusiastic about all aspects of your child’s education and will encourage them to have strong ambitions and to work hard to achieve their goals.

We pride ourselves on the variety of options we can provide for all students at Furness Academy. We have designed our curriculum so that your child’s programme of study will be individually tailored to suit their interests and needs. Student progress is tracked across all years with regular reports sent home to provide information to parents and carers. For any student who may not be reaching their full progression potential, we have an important system of interventions in place to ensure that students achieve their best.  Over the last year we have implemented a comprehensive catch up programme for any student who is absent from school due to illness or other reasons to ensure they are able to complete any necessary work they have missed. This enables us to ensure that no student falls behind in their learning.

We believe that learning should be interesting and enjoyable. While we support students to develop their knowledge and skills, we encourage them to ask questions, develop their understanding and build their confidence in their own abilities. We provide our students with a wide range of opportunities for them to develop, both during their time at school and externally as well.


Most of all, we aim for our students to leave Furness Academy as well-rounded young people; students who have been nurtured and encouraged but challenged and understood. We want our students to leave Furness Academy as confident learners with the skills, knowledge and, importantly, the qualifications that they need to succeed in the 21st century and contribute to their community.


For further information regarding our curriculum, please contact Mr S Kelly, Deputy Headteacher, at

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