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More Able

At Furness Academy, we believe it is important to provide appropriate learning experiences for all our students and for all ability levels.

An ethos of high expectation and aspiration is a central building block for developing and providing for our more able learners.

More able students are supported, challenged and extended during their time at Furness Academy. All departments and teachers have a crucial role to play, supporting the development of these students so that they reach their true potential.

We define more able students using the NACE and DCSF definitions below:

  • The National Association for Able Students in Education (NACE) suggests that “more able” describes learners that have the ability or potential to work and achieve with depth above age related expectations in academic subjects.
  • The DCSF defines “more able” students as those who work consistently above age related expectations as defined in the National Curriculum Programme of Study and can apply their skills and knowledge.
To find out more about how we support and challenge our more able students, please refer to our More Able Policy.