Furness Academy students welcome Rapper Breis

Working in partnership with the Furness Education Consortium, FEC liaised with the John Fisher Foundation to fund a visit to the school from an author of our choosing. The aim of the project is to produce a report demonstrating the value of bringing an author into the schools for the students. I investigated the English Department curriculum and decided to find an author which could link with our Culture Curriculum and Diversity modules. After investigating a significant number of authors, I landed on Breis. Breis (pronounced Breeze) is a dynamic and diverse Nigerian rap artist from the UK. He grew up in both London and Nigeria which has influenced his work and his life. I decided that Breis would be the perfect fit to visit the school in connection to both the need for integrating diversity and allowing them to witness the ways in which English and literacy can be the foundations of a successful career. The work from Breis is thought provoking, witty and inspiring. He is passionate about the education and well-being of young people, and this is a fantastic opportunity for our students.  


Breis was a refreshing, inciteful and engaging author. The students were amazed and enthralled as he spoke to them about his use of oracy and literacy skills which allowed him to form a powerful career.  This opportunity allowed students who tend to fall into being disengaged in English, an incite into how literacy and oracy is vital beyond the words in a book. Students who feared reading out loud or felt poetry writing was something for “love” or “girls” were actively participating and enjoying the sessions.



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