Furness Academy one-to-one Laptop Scheme

At Furness Academy, students have access to their own one-to-one device, to support learning.  We use a Windows 10 device, which allows our students to create and consume content. 

The production of work can be completed by typing on the keyboard, utilising the touchscreen or converting the device into tablet mode.  This allows students to choose the input method that bests suits them or the task being completed. 

We would like all students to have access to their own one-to-one device to support learning within school and at home, providing access to learning whenever and, more importantly, wherever they want; breaking down the walls of the classroom. 

These devices are used to enhance the great teaching that takes place in school and with the use of live video conferencing extend that face to face teaching and interaction beyond the confines of the school buildings. 

One of the consequences of our response to COVID-19 has been to bring forward, by 24 months, our strategic plans for the use of IT across our Trust. Some of our discussions have already been around how digital devices might enhance the learning for our students and some examples are given below:

  • Create, share and collaborate using the Microsoft Office 365 suite tools to increase the potential of peer assessment and collaborative learning approaches
  • Organise homework and classwork through Microsoft Teams allowing easy access
  • Use excellent learning resources from our web based tools, including up to date and relevant etextbooks, where appropriate
  • Use digital tools to support research and writing. For example, academic bibliography and citation tools, read aloud and voice recognition tools to promote independent learning
  • Think and behave creatively across their subjects using Cloud Apps for design, planning, animation, mind-mapping, image editing, sound editing, video recording, etc.
  • Use subject related Apps in the classroom and at home
  • Greater opportunities for differentiation within the class to meet students’ needs
  • Effective assessment for learning in and out of the lesson to both redirect the lesson and aid long term planning based on students’ learning.

How to place an order:

The portal to order is:

You will have received an email with login details on how to access the order portal. Please contact us at info@furnessacademy.co.uk if you would like these sending again, with the most appropriate email address. 

 If you choose to take up this excellent offer, you will then need to:

  • Create an account
  • Select the payment option of your choice
  • Place your order

Future Ready Skills

More than ever, students need a range of skills to allow them to reach their full potential in their future career paths beyond Furness Academy.  All roles, at whatever level, have an expectation that young people can use technology effectively.  At Furness Academy, we strive to ensure that all students are equipped with digital skills for the future.  This is achieved by coherent development through all areas of the curriculum, not just in isolation through ICT lessons. Being proficient in the use of digital technology helps to give Furness Academy students an ‘edge’ in the wider world of work and study.