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Family Music Quiz 6!

Family Music Quiz Number Six Tonight! 😁🎼

Again, please click the link to download our Music Quiz for this week :

A little different this week… the link will take you to wetransfer where you can hit download to get this week’s quiz😁👍

There are 6 rounds and each round has 10 questions . You will hear each snippet twice *You don’t need to replay the music, it will happen automatically* Once done, click to move on to the next slide.

Round 1 – Rock Music 🎸 : Name the SONG and the ARTIST/BAND (1 point for EACH)
Round 2 – Musical Theatre 🎭 : Name the Musical the extract is from (1 point)
Round 3 – Disney 👸🤴 : Name the CLASSIC DISNEY FILM the song is taken from. (1 point) Look out for bonus questions!
Round 4 – Pop Music 🎤 : Name the SONG and the ARTIST (1 point for EACH)
Round 5 – TV Themes 📺: Name the CLASSIC TV PROGRAMME or GAMESHOW that the clip is from (1 point)
Round 6 – Movie Themes 🎬 : Name the BLOCKBUSTER FILM the clip is from (1 point) Look out for the bonus question!

The maximum points available from the quiz are 85.

Remember to let us know your scores 😎😁👏
Happy quizzing and enjoy.

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