Magic Breakfast

What is Magic Breakfast?

Magic Breakfast is a charity who aims to ensure that no child is too hungry to learn. They provide funds to schools to ensure we can give you a healthy breakfast each day.

Research shows that a hungry child cannot concentrate so will miss out on half a day of lessons, every day, if not given anything to eat.

Furness Academy is very proud to have been given this funding.


Furness Academy’s Magic Breakfast

Free Breakfast available from The Restaurant every morning, from 8am – 8.30am

All students are entitled to the breakfast and can come every day for this.

There is no need to pre-order or use your thumbprint. Students can simply come along, take a seat and eat breakfast with their friends.

Nutrition: Power to Perform

We must fuel our bodies in the best way we can to:

  • energise our bodies and minds
  • improve our alertness and ability to respond to whatever is thrown at us
  • sustain us through revision, examinations and everything else life brings our way
  • perform to the very best level we can

As part of your preparation for the day, you need to begin with a nutritious breakfast. 

Your brain needs energy to perform efficiently. 

Try to eat foods with slow-release carbohydrates, such as porridge, whole grain bread or muesli. Add proteins into the mix to help keep you fuller for longer, for example milk, yoghurt or eggs if you have time! 

If you aren’t a ‘breakfast person’ experiment with smoothie recipes that use oats and protein-rich ingredients which may be easier to stomach!