Theatre visit “Macbeth” retold by Imitating the Dog

Furness Academy students travelled to the Duke Theatre in Lancaster to watch a performance of Macbeth. A joint trip organised by the English and Drama departments, the students travelled from Furness Academy by coach straight to the theatre in Lancaster, had some time together in a section of the foyer, looked at a gallery display of images from Grimm- old masters with modern twists or additions e.g. Mona Lisa with a red balloon.

Students took the first two rows of the auditorium and watched the play.


Mr Kitchin, Head of Drama said, ” As a teacher who has run a large number of trips over the last 20 years of teaching, I sometimes take for granted the fact that our students always uphold the highest standards of behaviour and impress members of the public with their attitude and courtesy. This group proudly upheld the record of Furness Academy students by responding so well in all aspects of the trip. The bus was spotless when they left it, they followed all guidance about how to conduct themselves throughout and responded brilliantly to a really challenging and mature piece of theatre. They really enjoyed the retelling of the Macbeth story as its setting was transposed to a fictional present whereby Macbeth has been recast as a Yakuza crime boss and Lady Macbeth survives her husband! The use of video projection, live camera footage and a mix of both Shakespeare’s original text and modern narration made for an enthralling and vivid piece of multi-media theatre.


It was a very enjoyable evening for myself, Dr Rogan, Mr Feeney and Mrs Kitchin, and a pleasure to escort these young people in year 9 and 10 to watch an exciting and very different production.”



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