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Furness Academy students work with the Anne Frank Trust

Furness Academy Year 8 students have been working closely with the Anne Frank Trust as part of the Trust’s “Voices for Equality” programme. The Anne Frank Trust, UK, established in 1991, is an education charity that empowers 9-15 year olds to challenge Antisemitism and all forms of prejudice and discrimination, inspired by Anne Frank. 

The Voices for Equality programme is core to the education that the Anne Frank Trust delivers to young people and complimented the work the students had been undertaking in their Religious Studies class.  Through the programme, the students learnt about Anne Frank and her diary and reflected on this, and antisemitism and the horrific impact of the Holocaust.

This led to exploring the dangers of stereotyping, making assumptions and prejudice in contemporary society.  The students developed the knowledge, skills and confidence to address discrimination in their own communities. 

Lorraine Jones, from the Anne Frank Trust, said “the students were inspiring in developing peer education projects; for example Ashton D wrote a story for children to teach about racism, and Jessica S developed a presentation to teach Year 7 about gender equality.  I was so impressed how the young people confidently discussed and debated equality and the passion to be agents of change in the world around them.  It was an absolute pleasure to deliver our core programme Voices for Equality at Furness Academy”

Susan Bainbridge, Head of Humanities at Furness Academy, said “The Voices for Equality programme and the work we have undertaken with the Anne Frank Trust has provided a great opportunity for our students to explore contemporary and historic forms of prejudice and discrimination, reflecting on the dangers if left unchallenged. Students learned from the uniquely inspiring life and work of Anne Frank, using readings and video extracts from her diary, and expanded their knowledge of the Holocaust through a visit to the Holocaust Memorial in Windemere. We also welcomed Dr Martin Stern, a Holocaust survivor, to Furness Academy who shared his experiences with our GCSE History and Religious Studies students. We are grateful to the Anne Frank Trust for providing this learning opportunity for our students”. 

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