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Furness Academy uses a cashless catering system supported by ParentPay.


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our cashless catering service. If you still have any further queries, please contact our Catering Manager, Mrs Beach at

How do I credit my child’s account?

On line using ParentPay

  • The ParentPay system allows you to top up your child’s account by debit or credit card using the ParentPay website. A login and password will be provided to you by the academy at a later date. ParentPay can also be used to pay for school trips and music tuition. There is a £10 minimum payment using this method, but there is no maximum. Please see for more details.

By giving cash to your child

  • Your child can then put the money into the revaluation machines which are situated on the ground floor within the Academy. These will take £5, £10 and £20 notes, £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p coins. (No copper is accepted). There is no minimum or maximum amount that has to be credited to the account before it can be used, however the account must be in credit to purchase food. Using this method you must still give money to your child so they can top up their account using the revaluation machines.

When can students use the revaluation machine?
Students may use the revaluation machines before school, at break, during lunch or after school.

How can I check if my child has credit on their account?
You can check online using ParentPay, or your child can check at the revaluation machine.

My child is entitled to a free meal, how does it work?
The free meal allowance will be automatically credited to your child’s account each lunch time. You do not need to do anything. The allowance will not carry over to the next day if it is not used.

My child is entitled to a free meal. Will I be allowed to top up their account so they can buy food at break?
Yes, you can top up their account using any of the methods above.

My child normally has a packed lunch. Can they have an account so they can buy drinks at lunchtime?
Yes, every student will have an account. You can top up their account using any of the methods above.

Can anyone else use my child’s account?
No, your child needs to use their thumbprint to pay for food at the till point. No other person will be able to use their account.

What happens if my child has no money in their account?
We will ensure that they are given lunch (which is normally a bowl of soup and a bread roll). This MUST be paid back in full the next day.

Can I have any say in what my child eats?
If you have already notified the academy that your child has an allergy, this will pop up on the cashier’s screen at the till point. The cashier will check the meal and advise the student as necessary.

Can I check what my child is eating at school?
Yes. If you have any worries or concerns about your child‘s diet you can see what he or she is buying through the ParentPay system or you can contact Mrs Beach, Catering Manager for a print out of what your child is eating and drinking. We can even give the calorie and nutritional values of their meal.

All the meals healthy?
All food served in Furness Academy is within the government guidelines. We have school food policies and procedures in place to ensure healthy meals are provided. If you have concerns about your child’s diet you should contact Mrs Beach.

Is there a daily spend limit?
We have set a daily limit at £4.50 per day. If you feel that this does not suit your child we can tailor the account to their needs.